Christian Men's Fellowship




Name of Ministry Leader:
Deacon Kenneth Stevenson



Description of Ministry

The Christian Men Fellowship is the collective fellowship of adult men within our church family. Its purpose is to develop associations with like-minded men whose goal is development of faith and character, so they may live Christ-centered and Spirit-led lives.


The mission is to build the body of Christ and strengthen the bonds of brotherly love; to bear one another’s burdens; to promote the general welfare of our individual and church families so God is glorified.

Accomplishments in 2018

The Christian Men’s Fellowship conducted a clothes drive for the homeless and made a donation to the Loudoun Homeless Shelter. They coordinated a men’s breakfast for fellowshipping, mentoring, and life coaching uniquely applicable to men.

Vision for 2019

To teach and build Christ-centered lives and strengthen character in men, develop opportunities for fellowship among men, and build greater accountability of men (as iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another) to benefit the church and community.