Music and Fine Arts



Name of Ministry Leaders:
Choir Directors – Sister Lucy Carey & Brother William Young 

Praise Team - Deaconess Annette Greene                   

Musicians: Angelo Polk and Brother Jeffrey Gentil


Description of the Ministry

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry provides an environment for worship that invokes the presence of God through talents and a willingness to serve.


The Praise Team Ensemble leads God's people in praise and worship through welcoming in the Holy Spirit. When worshippers are drawn into God's presence, they speak and listen to Him. The Praise Team Ensemble sets the tone and shares the message through song.

The Music Ministry sings to the Glory of God and spreads the Gospel through music, drama and fine arts. As an integral part of the worship experience, the Music Ministry ushers in the presence of God by singing His praises in the Men’s Chorus, Gospel Chorus, Senior Choir and Voices of Praise.

Schedule of Service

  • Every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. – Praise Team Ensemble
  • 1st Sundays – Men’s Chorus 
  • Other Sundays – Gospel Chorus 

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Praise Team – Every Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
  • Men’s Chorus – Saturday before the 1st Sundays at 12 noon
  • Gospel Chorus – Saturday before 2nd Sundays at 12 noon