Name of Ministry Leader:
Deacon John Camp




Description of Ministry

The Deacons are assistants to the Pastor and Associate Ministers. They are spiritual leaders who serve the needs of the church body.


To assist the Pastor with the spiritual work of the church and serve as disciples bringing others to Christ.

Accomplishments in 2018

The Deacons supported and supported  all church ministries as well as Care Groups in conjunction with Deaconess for outreach to membership for spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. They served communion to those shut-in and visited the sick. Additionally, they assisted with coordination of leadership training, as well as assisted with the Annual Deacon and Deaconess Day in recognition of these church leaders.

Vision for 2020

To assist our Pastor as spiritual leaders of the church, mentor young men, partner with other ministries for outreach programs, and conduct Deacon’s training.  Their goal is to increase accountability, strengthen leadership, and increase service to the community.

Date and time of regular meeting

The Deacon's Ministry meets the 1st Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m.