Homeless Outreach Ministry




Name of Ministry Leader:
Sister Marie Campbell





Description of the Ministry

The Homeless Outreach Ministry consists of members of the church and friends, who travel to DC and Northern Virginia on the 4th Sunday of the month. They serve those in need of food, clothes, shoes, hygiene care, blankets, prayers and fellowship.


The mission is to serve with a purpose in God’s Community to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Accomplishments in 2016

The Homeless Outreach ministry developed relationships with individuals through prayer and testimonies. They provided Biblical materials in English and Spanish. They help meet the physical needs of homeless through providing nutritious food, hats, gloves, and other seasonal items to those on the streets in Washington, DC and they donated to the Loudoun Shelter.

Vision for 2017

To broaden His work through establishing partnerships with those supporting the homeless community such as the Central Union Mission. They also plan to increase involvement from church members through donations and participation in the outreach services.